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Sophisticated, Intelligent Representation

“Your intelligent advice helped us to set an optimum price. Your sophisticated, professional representation allowed us to market the properties very effectively at that optimum price.”

Fred W. Taylor

Refreshing to Work With

“I have worked with many investment brokers during my career. It's refreshing to work with somebody that sought to understand my company's long-term vision and provided recommendations in an attempt to achieve those goals.”

Deny Sepaher

Top Tier Broker

“You have proven that you are a top tier broker by providing timely market information, expert advise, and recommendations that meet my long term goals."

John Healy

A Memorable Sales Experience

“Your professionalism, attentiveness to detail, protection, and concern for all parties involved truly made this sales experience a memorable one."

Antonio Castellucci

You Had My Best Interests in Mind

“It's evident that you had my best interests in mind when negotiating. Never did I think that personal interests or commissions were your motivation or sole objective in closing this deal. I greatly appreciated that.”

Deny Sepaher

Expertise and Knowledge of the Market

"Your expertise and knowledge of the market and buyers/investors exceeded our expectations. Your guidance and sage advice throughout the process eased our concerns and helped tremendously."

Randy Tom & Wendi Chun

On Target

“Your strategy was on target from the start and you met all of the challenges with intelligence, patience, and grace.”

Patricia Ziegler

The First Call I Make

“Your knowledge of the various submarkets in the San Francisco housing stock is critical, and I have come to rely on you as the first call I make whenever there is a new building for sale that I may hear about.”

Martin A. Friedman

Responsiveness, Availability, and Expert Real Estate Knowledge

“Due to your responsiveness, availability, and expert real estate knowledge, you were able to address my concerns and we were able to close the transaction without a problem. Truly a feat in this day and age!"

Deny Sepaher

Highly valued partner

I've bought, sold and rented real estate from you on a number of occasions and through good and bad markets. In every case, I've found your work to be exceptional and our results positive.

Adam McDonough